Web Design Artwork Sheet

Let our artwork sheet be the blueprint for your project.

Our artwork sheet is the first step in our design process.

When building a website, having a “game plan” is a necessity. It greatly helps you determine the look for your project, which is an important part of building your brand online. In turn, this plan helps us realize that vision much quicker and with more efficiency.

To that end, we’ve created this handy, digital artwork sheet that can help with that. Over the years, we’ve amassed enough resources, which we’ve compiled into a neat collection of links that we feel will help guide you towards the look that will help propel your brand beyond the stars.

So, to get you started, below are several links that can get you started with some design inspiration.

  1. Template Monster WordPress Themes
  2. Premium WordPress themes by WP Explorer
  3. Premium themes from WordPress.org
  4. Studio Press Themes
  5. WordPress Themes by Themefuse

Building a website is sometimes a frustrating affair. It can be a pain when you’re trying to convey your ideas to a third party, therefore, we want you to feel that you’re not alone throughout the whole process.

By using our artwork sheet below, you will furnish us with enough info regarding your project (old, current and/or new) as well as the market your business operates in.

Alternatively, if you still feel you’re stuck, you can always give us a call on (011) 822 6280 or shoot us an email at info@o5webdesign.com. We can even have a one-on-one at our offices, where the coffee is on us.


Although we’re referring you to the above-mentioned links, know that any of the designs and/or themes cannot be copied directly. We strongly recommend using the designs as a means of finding inspiration for your own website’s design.

Along with your chosen designs as well as the details from the artwork sheet as our guideline, our graphic designer and developer will use the right tools to create the look and feel that will best suit your website and brand.

The more info we have, the easier and quicker the design process is.

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