Questions why your site is NOT ranking properly

● What are meta tags?
● Does my site have the correct title tag?
● Does my site have a proper description tag?
● What are keywords and are they important?

● Does my site contain properly researched keywords, used in  the correct ratio in the text?
● Has the correct text been used on the homepage?
● Does my site have sufficient inbound links and the correct type of links?
● Does my site load quickly?
● Will surfers navigate easily through my site?

● Will I get full backup and support from my webmaster? Am I dealing with a professional company or dealing with a friend’s friend?


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More questions

● My site is not getting any visitors – can you help?
● I get visitors, but no one is buying – why not?

● My site has been up for a month now and still no visitors – please help?
● Is my site designed so that Search Engines will index it?
● To which search engines should I submit my site?
● What is Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)?
● I do not seem to find my site on Google – why?
● I want flash and nice graphics on my site – what do you suggest?

● Why is my site not converting?
● I get little or no response from my current webmaster – what makes your company any better?
● I feel that I am paying too much for hosting. What is a reasonable fee?

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