How to check your AwStats

(only for clients hosting with us)

 What is AwStats?

AwStats stats are supplemental to the tracker we install on your site. AwStats give some other stats which are excellent to use when deciding on what next with your site.

Keep in mind that AwStats is related to the hosting server and thus only available to o5 hosting clients. If you host your site elsewhere, please contact your hosting company for your AwStats (if available).

How to view my AwStats

First off, you need to get your AwStats URL , username and password from us – mail us –

Once you submit these, your AwStats screen will open showing you your AwStats.

On the left hand side of the screen you will find the navigation buttons taking you to different parts of the statistical sheets. Most of which are self-explanatory.

One that we like to point out is the Visits Duration >> directly under Navigation. This shows you how long visitors stay on the different pages of your site. If you see that most leave within 30 seconds, its worth giving us a call.

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