1. New CMS Lite

NOTE – o5webdesign fully supports our own product, and as such we offer an online instructional blog (manual) for this purpose. We do offer one on one training sessions, should a client request this – the first hour is free of charge and included in the cost, if the session is held at our offices.

See instructional blog here

Thereafter we will invoice for the time at our standard hourly rate of R240. We will also invoice hourly in addition of the quoted cost should a client request that we do the one on one training at their offices.

As with any new product, your CMS Lite product will involve a learning curve. A new mobile phone, dvd player, computer, fridge, even a new car – all of these demands of the new owner to take some time to study instructional material in order to fully understand all the included functionalities. The content management system is no different.

And the only way that you will learn to understand and appreciate the real value of your new CMS Lite, is by being willing to spend some time actively using it, playing around with it and using it in conjunction with instructional material.

Please follow these steps when we design a new site for you. This will eliminate a lot of issues and frustration – to us, but most importantly to yourself.

If you can use Word, you WILL found the product easy to use.

Read this process in conjuntion with paragraphs 4,5 and 6 of your proposal document to see what is in- and excluded as well:


STEP 1 – Template Design – Graphic Designer (Look & Feel of your website)


a)     Upon payment of the deposit and acceptance of the proposal, we need the client to complete the artworksheet located here. This is needed before we can get the process started. Without your artwork sheet, our graphic designer has nothing to work from and the design process is halted.

b)     Further to that we need your logo/s, and images – either on a cd, or uploaded to www.4shared.com  – using ‘);


deon@saparadigmshift.com and guest as username and password.  You need to create a new folder once logged in – using your business name – or ask us to create a folder for you.

c)   If you are currently not hosting with o5webhost, the hosting must be transferred as well – see the process here



Without logos and images, the graphic designer has nothing to work from and the design process is halted.

Before we can start a project, we need the deposit, your logos, your artworksheet, your site text and your ftp details and/or the transfer of the domain (hositng) to be finalised. Once we have this, we start counting the 45 business days as laid out in the proposal.

Once we have the artwork sheet, deposit and logo, we will supply you with your first template within ± 5-6 business days.

c)     It is important to note that from here on – until the completion of the website, the marketing / sales person who sold the product to you, is excluded from this process. The graphic designer will be in contact with you either via email or telephone to ensure that the design and layout of your template gets finalized before we move on to phase 2 of the project.

d)     Step one is used to ensure that you get the template you requested as per your artwork sheet. Thus you need to know that this is just an image of what the website will look like, it is not a functional HTML website. Exactly as if building a house, this is the phase where we draw up the plan. And this needs finalization before the actual building can start.

e)     Once you are satisfied with the template, we need you to confirm this in writing by means of an email – typically – “I approve the design and layout of the template, please continue with the site.”

f)    Once yourself and the graphic designer has finalised this part, we continue to step 2 – the actual building of the website.

STEP 2 – Website Development – Project Manager

a)     From here on, you will be dealing with the project manager who will be managing the process between the client and the allocated programmer of the site. Please ensure that all correspondence is sent via email so that we have a trail of the project and so that we can ensure everything is done according to your instructions.

b)     At this stage, please ensure that the project manager has all the text we require, all the brochures, logos, images and any other info we require for the Homepage to finalise the project. The sooner we have that, the quicker we can finalise. Also, let us rather have too much info than too little.



It would help keep the project on track with regards to time, if the client can respond within 3 business days.


Seeing that each project is a brand new, unique project, we need the client’s full involvement in this process. Clients cannot just expect us to build their sites without giving their 100% input in the matter, we need to know what you like and dislike, what you want and what not. Therefore we need the client’s involvement.

c)     The site will be handed over to one of our website programmers who will proceed to build a CMS for you on our demo server – www.o5demo.com – you will be notified of the URL (domain name) as soon as the first demo is available for viewing. Once again – the quicker we have all the relevant text and images for the site, the quicker we can complete all the pages in the working demo and the quicker we can finalize the site. In almost all cases, the process is being held up because we wait for info from the client.

d)     The process will start going from the client to the project manager, to the developer, back to the project manager and back to the client. Repeating this process until completion. We give feedback in this period within 3-4 business days. Meaning, you will send info, which will be passed to the developer, who will implement same into the demo site, and then the project manager will reply to you again within 3-4 business days of receipt of your info.

e)     NOTE : You need to start working on your CMS Lite and using it as soon as we have uploaded it on the demo server. This gives you the chance to play with the program and ask questions accordingly. A complete manual is available as a blog – located here.

f)     o5webdesign creates only the homepage with content supplied by client. o5webdesign will also create 5 other empty pages – these pages are to be populated with content by the client.

This is done very specifically to allow you to familiarize yourself with your new CMS Lite.

g)    With the CMS Lite you are restricted to 6 first level pages. No sub- or sub-sub level pages an be done as with the Standard CMS.

h)     Any questions you have, needs to be put forward via email and we will answer these questions on the blog, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the blog as manual to all users.



Please ensure that all relevant info is sent via email – images on cd, or uploaded to www.4shared.com and text always in Word format – NB – no text in PDF or Jpeg format please. Further – the earlier on in the process we have ALL info, the quicker we can finallize the project. Projects are usually held up because we wait for info from clients.

i)     Throughout the process we will also let you know what is  needed for us to proceed.

j)     Once the site is complete, and signed off by the client, the balance outstanding is payable and once that is paid, the site will be uploaded to the live URL – meaning your own domain name. You must host with o5webhost in order to use this product.

k)     Only then will the marketing / sales person contact you again to give information on what next – please also read this section – click here.


STEP 3 – 2 week finetuning period – Project Manager

a)     This kicks in from the day the site goes live. This period is used to sort out any TECHNICAL related issues to the site – such as pages not opening, links not working, images not loading and more – this is not a period to make design changes or add more images or pages. Should design changes be needed, we will charge accordingly and the process needs to be started again – same as with the plans for the house.


Clients are not allowed to contact designers directly. This simply to help our project manager to keep tabs on all projects.
Also, if the designers spend their time talking with clients, then they will not have time to get to the actual designing part of the sites, which is their main function. All correspondence must be routed through ‘);

‘);helen@o5webdesign.com please.


Info that can hold up the process

  1. FTP details – please get this to us asap if you dont host with us  – NB – we cannot contact your hosting co on behalf of you.
  2. Transfer of current hosting to o5webhost.
  3. Images and content for ALL PAGES of the site – please note – ALL pages not just homepage
  4. Artwork sheet
  5. Logo’s
  6. Any other relevant info – rather give us too much info than too little

We allow 45 business days for completion of the project – counting from the date we receive your artworksheet AND deposit AND logos. If you pay your deposit today and only submit the artwork sheet 2 weeks later and the logos another 2 weeks, we start counting from the day we received the last info – the logos. Thus we don’t count the 4 weeks that went past since you paid your deposit. Further, if the project is started and then held up until day 30 because we are waiting for info, we will adjust the completion date. Sites will then NOT be completed within the 45 business day period, but clients will then have to adhere to our timelines according to our workload at that stage.