Process involved for JOOMLA CMS design

NOTE – Joomla fully supports their own product, and as such offers a wide selection of instructional video clips and online manuals for this purpose. Should a client request for one on one training / instruction by o5webdesign. we will invoice for the time at our standard hourly rate of R240.

As with any new product, your Joomla CMS product will involve a learning curve. A new mobile phone, dvd player, computer, fridge, even a new car – all of these demands of the new owner to take some time to study instructional material in order to fully understand all the included functionalities. The content management system is no different.

And the only way that you will learn to understand and appreciate the real value of your new Joomla cms, is by being willing to spend some time actively using it, playing around with it and using it in conjunction with instructional material.

You will find that you will very soon be proficient in the use of your new Joomla cms.

Step 1

  • Deposit as indicated on quotation is payable upon acceptance.
  • Client completes and faxes the last page of the proposal document – signatory page.
  • Complete and submit our artwork form to give o5webdesign a basic idea for desired layout.
  • Electronically sends o5webdesign the content (logo to be used for branding purposes, written text in Word format and images and/or photographs in JPeg format) for the homepage, and other pages.
  • NOTE – o5webdesign creates, and populates with the information as provided, the first 5 pages of your new Joomla CMS. All other pages are created and populated by the website owner. (Being a cms, this is the only way to learn how to use your new product).

NOTE – when supplying content for the pages, please be certain to clearly mark what must go onto which page.

Step 2

  • As soon as deposit shows, a file is opened.
  • The file is handed to our accountant to issue you with an invoice.

NOTEat this point the marketer steps out of the design process, and the project manager becomes the point of contact for the duration of the design process. The marketer will do any additional quotes as and when so required, and forward them directly to the client. All other correspondence will flow via email, via the project manager in order keep a proper paper trial – this is the only way of ensuring instructions, feedback, requests etc do not fall through the cracks.

Step 3 – the design process

  • If you are hosting at another hosting company and has requested the quotation to include a hosting transfer, the first step now would be the transfer of your hosting to o5webhost – see the process here
  • If you are not moving hosting, you must supply us with your current website’s FTP details in order for us to access the files.
  • o5webdesig will create the first page (homepage), and populate it with the graphics or photographs and text that you provided for this purpose.
  • If necessary, changes to the template and/or layout will be made, until template is ready to client’s standards. (This process will be managed by the project manager, who will keep you updated with work done, ask for your feedback, and relay any feedback to the relevant web designer working on your project).
  • When you are happy with the layout (look & feel) you will be asked to accept the design in writing.
  • We will also activate and install any plugins/modules/components that you may require as per your specifications.

NOTE – Once you have informed o5 of your desired template design you want to use, via return email to the project manager, we set up the hosting and the Joomla CMS (content management system) on our servers.

NOTE your old website (if applicable) will at this point be taken off the internet as we must set up the Joomla website live, we cannot do this on our demo servers first. (The old files will be saved and you will be given a link to access the information).

So from this point on the new website will be visible on the internet.

NOTE – for optimum SEO purposes, please ensure about 600 words of text for the homepage. For more on homepage copywriting please read here.

Step 4 – finalizing the design & SEO

  • We create the other 4 pages (as stipulated by you) and populate them with text and photographs as received. This includes photo galleries.
  • o5webdesign will also provide you with a link where you can access instructional video clips as well as hands-on tutorials to work with your Joomla CMS.
  • The SEO is to be done at the end of the project, and any linking campaign will be started after the search engines have indexed the new web files. This includes writing of meta tags and on page SEO.

NOTE – the product you have purchased is a CMS (content management system), meaning it allows you full control over all website content and pages changes.

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