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About Us

o5webdesign started purely by accident. As a business and management consultant I lost everything after a divorce. Down on my luck, and painting fences to earn some money, I was introduced to online business by Stephan Uys, an old friend of mine, back in 2002.

By then he had been running his own small internet business selling herbal medicines online, for about a year. I started my own online business and quickly grew rather successful.

The main way of getting income solely from the internet is if your site ranks well in the Search Engines. We studied Search Engine Optimization and got it down to a tee. Our sites started ranking very well on the SE's and pretty soon I was making about US$3000 per month.

One of our friends had a guesthouse but said his website was not bringing in any business, so we decided to optimize his site for him. Within 2 months he started getting queries, followed soon after with bookings. When he started his next business, we were his obvious choice for the website.

Then, the power of word-of-mouth advertising kicked in - he started telling people about us and pretty soon we had developed a satisfied customer base.

One thing led to another and all of a sudden the queries started pouring in from people who already had websites but whose sites were not ranking in the search engines and were therefore just costing them money. Sounds familiar to you?

By the beginning of 2005 I was looking after the client websites while Stephan was looking after our own online businesses (which had grown considerably by then).

By the middle of 2005, o5webdesign grew so big that I had to appoint my brother, Riaan to help with customer queries and service. Riaan is currently our marketing manager. He has been in marketing for many years now, having done many marketing courses throughout his career.

In the beginning of 2006 we had grown to employ 4 people (see contact page). Today, we are trying to remain small in order to keep on giving the personal service we are well-known for.

We welcome our clients to drop into our offices at any time for a cup of coffee and a chat and take a keen interest in what their needs are.

With our background in marketing and business- and management consultancy, we strive towards having your website not merely as an extension of your business, but as a valuable, cost-effective tool in your marketing chassis plan.

As we say, dedicated to "making your website work"

Deon Coetzee
MD - o5webdesign


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