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New clients and new sites - Design process for the Static Site Special

Please follow these steps when we design a new site for you. This will eliminate a lot of issues and frustration - to us, but most importantly to yourself.

By reading and uderstanding the process and flow of work before you accept the proposal, you will eliminate potential frustrations.

PHASE 1 – acceptance and starting your project

A)    Accept the proposal by signing the last page and faxing it back to us

B)    Complete the artworksheet – this is needed before we can get the process started. Without the completed artworksheet, we have nothing to work from to design the basic banner and accompanying colour scheme for your project, and the process is halted. Follow this link -

C)    We need your logo’s and images – either on a cd, or uploaded to (login details top right – and password – guest). Ask us to create a new folder for you in the name of your business, and then you can upload directly to the folder.

D)    If applicable, we also need your FTP details – if you are hosting at another company.

E)    Text for the website – Word format ONLY.

F)    All graphic and pictures – JPEG format preferred please.

G)    As soon as we have received the above, a file is created and the project starts – the 45 business days start counting down.

H)    The marketer falls out of the process and the contact person at o5webdesign becomes our Project Manager – Helen van Zyl. From this point on all correspondence is via Helen –

I)    Please ensure all correspondence is via email as well, in order to have a paper trial. We receive hundreds of emails every day and the only way to ensure we attend to all your requirements is if it is listed in a written document.

J)    We will then supply you with the first demo draft within 5 to 6 work days.

K)    Once you are happy, you are required to approve the look & feel, and the prject will then continue to Phase 2.

PHASE 2 – the design phase

A)    At this stage, please ensure the project manager has all the text and photographs for the website. Also graphics, brochures, images etc for the various pages of the website.

B)    The sooner we have ALL your information, the sooner the project can be completed.

C)    Any delay in getting all of the above to us, or delays in giving the required feedback during the different stages, will delay the end product and could cause the 45 work day period to have to be extended. Feedback within 3 days is desired, as far as possible.

D)    Each project is a brand new, unique project. As such it is vital for the website owner to give their full involvement in the process. We need to know what you like and dislike etc.   The better and more informative your feedback the better the quality of the final product. This is YOUR website, please assist us fully in the process.

E)    The project will be carried out on our demo server, and only after completion and final payment will be made live on the internet.

F)    You will be notified of the domain name for your project on our demo server as soon as the first demo is available for viewing and feedback. Thereafter it can be accessed by you at any time.

G)    The process will to- and fro between the client and the relevant designer, always via the project manager to allow one contact point, and is repeated until final completion.

H)    We give feedback in this period within 3 to 4 business days. Faster if we can, but it is not always possible.

I)    Information, feedback, question etc from the client is thus routed via the project manager to the relevant developer, who will implement same on the website, then reply to the project manager to give you feedback again – within 3 to 4 business days.

J)    Throughout the process we will also inform you what else is required from you, as and when necessary.

K)    At the end, we will let you know that we think all is done. If in agreement, you sign the project off, and we supply the final invoice.

L)    Upon receipt of final payment, the website is made live – uploaded to the internet to the domain name you chose. If you added certain items not included in the original quote during the design process, these costs will be included in the final invoice – you will be informed of same at the time you instruct us to include them in the website.

M)    Clients NOT hosting with o5webdesign – ensure that your hosting company sets up your hosting platform correctly for us to proceed with any additions such as databases, shopping arts, online forms etc. Ask us for specifications that you must provide to your hosting company.

N)    Read more about hosting and server issues -

PHASE 3 – 2 week fine tuning period

A)    This kicks in from the day the website goes live.

B)    The finetuning period is used to sort out any TECHNICAL related issues to the website – such as pages not opening, links not working, images not loading, spelling mistakes etc – NOT design changes, or the adding of more pages and images. These will fall under standard website maintenance.

C)    Should any design changes be required at this time, it will be charged for accordingly and the process will start again – exactly as the plans for a house.

Important Note

Clients are not allowed to contact designers directly. This is purely to help our project manager to keep tabs on all projects and to ensure the designers have sufficient time to do the actual work – their main function. All correspondence must be routed via
Information that can delay the process:

1.    FTP details - please get this to us asap if you dont host with us  - NB - we cannot contact your hosting co on behalf of you.
2.    Images and content for ALL PAGES of the site - please note - ALL pages not just homepage
3.    Artwork sheet
4.    Logo's
5.    Any other relevant info - rather give us too much info than too little


We allow 45 business days for completion of the project - counting from the date we receive your artworksheet AND deposit AND logos. If you pay your deposit today and only submit the artwork sheet 2 weeks later and the logos another 2 weeks, we start counting from the day we received the last info - the logos. Thus we don't count the 4 weeks that went past since you paid your deposit. Further, if the project is started and then held up until day 30 because we are waiting for info, we will adjust the completion date. Sites will then NOT be completed within the 45 business day period, but clients will then have to adhere to our timelines according to our workload at that stage.

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