Process involved for the WordPress CMS design

More on WordPress:

WordPress Wins CMS Award November 17, 2009 WordPress has been awarded the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards.  It allows you to add pictures, video, sound as well as photo galleries, and add or delete website pages and add,edit or delete page content.Allows you to save massively on webmaster fees as YOU will be managing your own website. This also saves time and potential frustration due to waiting times. Simply add that new special immediately!No need to be a web designer! Manage your own website from an admin backend without any prior knowledge of web design.

Instruction on using your new WordPress CMS

We supply you with:

  • Instructional video clips (can be found here)
  • Training manual
  • Step by step guidelines (including screenshots) on how to add new pages, and edit existing pages – these are by far the functions that most clients will use, most of the time, to manage their websites.


We will provide a one on one training session of one hour, no charge. Should a client request yet more one on one training / instruction by o5webdesign, we will invoice for the additional time at our standard hourly rate of R290. This is not included in the cost as quoted.

As with any new product, your WordPress CMS product will involve a learning curve. A new mobile phone, dvd player, computer, fridge, even a new car – all of these demand of the new owner to take some time to study instructional material in order to fully understand all the included functionalities. The content management system is no different.

And the only way that you will learn to understand and appreciate the real value of your new WordPress cms, is by being willing to spend some time actively using it, playing around with it and using it in conjunction with instructional video clips.


You will find that you will very soon be proficient in the use of your new WordPress cms.

WordPress CMS Terms & Conditions

WordPress CMS includes:

  • o5webdesign creates – and populates with content as supplied to us – the home and contact us pages, as well as a maximum of 4 other pages. Please stipulate which other pages you require us to create.
  • Please ensure to supply us with all the relevant content – stipulate which content (graphics, photographs and text) is to be included on which page, all text to be supplied in Word format, all graphics preferably in Jpeg format.
  • NOTE – all graphics supplied to o5webdesign MUST be royalty free to ensure there are no copyright infringements. If you prefer o5 to search for graphics to be used on your website, this will be quoted for at our standard hourly fee in addition to the quote as accepted, and the final time will depend on the time spent searching for images. As such, we prefer that you supply all images.
  • Any other pages are created and populated by website owner. This is the only way to learn to use your new content management system quickly – by actually working with it.
  • In order for us to offer the WordPress CMS – hosting MUST be done by o5webhost. No exceptions. Read about domain and hosting transfers here.
  • Project can be finished in 14 working days or longer.
  • Price includes a custom template design. NOTE – we will do 3 template changes as part of the design process. If more changes are required, additional costs will be charged. As such it is vital that you complete the online artwork form as careful and completely as possible.
  • Price includes hosting for Year 1 (R1080).
  • Price includes domain registration fee for Year 1 (R200). One domain only.
  • Up to 15 email addresses – please supply us with the email address you require.
  • SEO Phase 1 – keyword research and correct writing of meta tags only.
  • o5webdesign backup and advice.
  • 1 Hour training session at our offices on the basic workings of the WordPress website.
  • The following WordPress Plugins are included in the cost of R4250 – SEO, contact form, social media widget, email cloaker, wordpress stats, All in One slideshow. Any other plugins will be quoted for additionally. The All In One Slideshow allows for a limited Flash effect in the website banner – essentially 3 or more moving pictures – see an example here. If you require a flash banner with other flash features, or other flash inserts not in the banner of the website, we will quote additionally.
  • NOTE – a linking campaign to create inbound links as Phase 2 of SEO is not included in the quote. This part is VITAL to ensure good rankings in search engine results pages. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW A PROPER INBOUND LINKING CAMPAIGN YOUR WEBSITE WILL NOT REACH IT’S FULL POTENTIAL IN TERMS OF EXPOSURE IN SEARCH ENGINES. Read more below and discuss with us for more detail please:
  • Why is inbound linking so vital
  • Linking packages available
  • NOTE – Final editing of website content is done by the client. You supply us with the content (text in Word format, be sure to stipulate exactly what text goes where. Also read this article about Homepage text.  All graphics and pictures to be supplied in Jpeg format. We will do standard editing. Should additional editing be required, it will be done by you.


Design process:

Step 1

  • Upon acceptance deposit as indicated on the quote document is payable.
  • Client completes and faxes the signatory page to o5webdesign.
  • Completes and submits the online artwork form that acts as the basis for the design required.
  • Electronically sends o5webdesign the content (text in Word format and images and/or photographs in JPeg format) for the homepage, contact page and 5 other pages we create and populate. Ensure to stipulate exactly what must go on which page.
  • Electronically sends o5webdesign the logo to be used.

Step 2

  • As soon as deposit shows, a file is opened.
  • File handed to o5 graphic designer, who will contact client via email. The graphic designer is responsible for the design of the “look & feel” of your website, and depends upon your inputs regarding this important aspect via your online artwork form, logo as well as any additional instructions received from you.
  • The initial design phase is often the most frustrating part of any web design process. Ensure that you give us clear and concise feedback and instructions to help us recreate the picture you have of your new website in your mind.


Step 3 – the design process

  • Developing of your new WordPress website is done on the o5 demo server. Once completed, the domain transfer (if you are currently hosting at another hosting company) will be finalized. Once the domain has been transferred, your new WordPress website will be made live on the internet, after final payment has been received.  To understand the domain transfer procedure, please read more here.
  • We do the design, based on the logo provided, and the information on the online artwork form as well as any additional design requirements as given to us.
  • Once you have approved the design (look & feel) in writing, the file is handed over to the relevant website developer, and we will continue to create the pages as mentioned.
  • Once the design has been approved, any alterations to the look & feel will be charged for additionally at our standard hourly rate as this involves additional work. Please ensure you are 100% happy with the design before final acceptance.
  • If a new look & feel, the design is done using Latin text as spacing and uploaded on our demo server. At this stage it is not a website, only a flat screen image to get the look & feel like you want it.

If you have  current website – it will stay live on the internet until completion of the new WordPress website, as explained above.

NOTE – please ensure about 600 words of text for the homepage. This is optimum for SEO purposes. For more on homepage copy writing please read here

Step 4

The client now creates all additional pages if applicable, and populates them with text and photographs as required and applicable.

NOTE – the product you have purchased is a CMS, meaning it allows you full control over all website content and page changes.

Once we are finished with the pages we created as per the agreement, the final outstanding balance is payable before the new WordPress website is made live.

Please ensure that you read this process carefully, and ask us any questions necessary to ensure you fully understand the process.