Interesting Articles

Some articles of interest on SEO and ranking your site and more :-


  1. Google Page Rank
  2. Web Content 101
  3. Keyword Research – more info
  4. Homepage copywriting – making your homepage work
  5. The Google Shuffle
  6. Increased Internet Exposure
  7. Does Google Page Rank Still Count?
  8. Choosing the correct SEO web designer is vital
  9. Internet Usage in 2009
  10. The State of the Internet
  11. Just Google It
  12. A Hands-on Approach to Internet marketing
  13. 10 Ways to Legally Protect your business online
  14. 17 Ways to Make Sure Your Website is Working for You


  1. How to blog using WordPress
  2. The Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Web Design Issues from a web view

  1. How to choose a website designer
  2. Web Safe Fonts for your Site
  3. How Designing for print is different from designing from web
  4. Consider Font and Page Size When Writing for the Web
  5. 10 Design Tips for a Business Web Site
  6. Avoid Web Design Mistakes Easily
  7. Why having a 100% width Website is a BAD IDEA


  1. Links 101
  2. Links 102
  3. Links 103
  4. Why Inbound Linking


  1. Some nice SEO tips
  2. SEO Explained for people with real jobs
  3. Finding Balance Between SEO and non-SEO Traffic Generation
  4. What Comes First – The Web Design Or The SEO?
  5. SEO 1
  6. SEO 2

Content Management System (CMS)

  1. The Benefits of a solid Content Management System


  1. How to setup your email accounts – step by step
  2. Sending Bulk mail and newsletters
  3. Adding signatures to your email

Blogs and Blogging

  1. How to Blog using
  2. Blogging Your Way to the Top

Useful Tips & Tools

Some useful tips :-

  1. How to check you AwStats (only for clients hosting with us)
  2. All new clients – click here
  3. Control F5 – clearing your cache memory
  4. How to Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer 7
  5. How to restore the Menu in IE7
  6. Adding the IE 7 Icon to the Desktop in Vista
  7. How to Clear the URL Entries from the Address Bar
  8. Finding the Location of the Outlook PST Data File to make Backups


We Offer

When having a website designed by o5webdesign you get the following :-

1. A website properly optimized for the search engines, in line with the latest SEO techniques.

2. A website that is cross browser compatible – W3C compliant – MSIE7+ and Firefox.

3. This includes proper research of keywords – in consultation with the client – as well as the correct writing of meta tags on the source page, and the correct design and layout in order to make the site and its contents as visible as possible to the search engines.

4. A built in tracker that gives important detail of not only hits to your website, but about which search engine was used; which keywords did the trick; from which countries the enquiries emanated; summaries of hits per day, per week and per month; and more.

5. Detailed ranking reports should you request it, containing feedback on the rankings of your website, as well as suggestions about strategies you should consider for the best results with regard to ranking.

6. Regular newsletters from o5webdesign to keep you informed about what is happening in the ever changing world of the internet and search engines.

7. More than just a web designer, you will also acquire a business partner with business qualifications to guide you towards the correct strategy that will ensure you get the best return on investment from your website.

8. Free submission of your completed site to all the major search engines.

9. A links page.

10. o5webdesign does not build your website and walk away – SEO demands that we stay involved with our clients ’ sites.

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Approaching internet marketing in a hands-on way

When compared to standard, off-line marketing campaigns, a good online marketing campaign is STILL the cheapest form of marketing you will find, offering potentially the largest return on your investment!

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