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Go to
NOTE – you do not go to the blog address to work on it, you go to the address as supplied above.
The very first thing you need to do is to log in, using the login details that we have supplied to you.
Top right hand corner – To log in:
Login –
password – your password
This will take you to the Blogger Dashboard page: You will obviously see YOUR blog details here on your dashboard! In my case I have 4 blogs, so all 4 shows here. If you have only one blog, then only one will show.
Manage your blogs
To start your first blog posting – click on the blue button marked NEW POST.
If you want to edit an existing post at a later stage, from the dashboard you click on the link marked EDIT POSTS.
In both cases, the blog works exactly the same as per the rest of the steps below:

If you select NEW POST, this screen will then come up – this is the editor you will be working in:


Now click on COMPOSE in the top right hand corner of the editor.
Putting in text is straightforward – simply type and use the formatting commands in the editor to format what you have typed.
Adding pictures – step 1
Adding pictures – step 2
Adding pictures – step 3
You can add up to 5 pictures per blog posting.
Adding pictures – finish
a – Click OK to finish this process.
b – Using the now visible picture prompts you can edit the photograph allignment and size. You can also add a caption to each photograph.
Creating a text link to another website or creating an email link.
NOTE – it is absolutely vital that you create a link back to your own website, either the homepage or a relevant inner page (relevant to the blog posting) every time you do a blog posting! This creates yet more inbound links to your website. You can also create links to any other website, blog or even your email address.
Example: If you want to create a link back to your website – ensure that this link contains your main keyword. If not certain what your main keyword is – please ask us. Assume your main keyword is “self catering accommodation Bloubergstrand”, then simply add this sentence at the end of every blog posting, and create the link to your website.
Step 1
a – Select and highlight the text that you want to form the actual link.

b – then click on the LINK button as indicated and follow the steps as below.

Step 2
Step 3
Copy and paste the link of the relevant website or web page that you want to link to as below.
If you want to link to an email address, simply select EMAIL ADDRESS as opposed to WEB ADDRESS and put in the information as required.
When done, click OK. The link is now created.
Once done posting and pics are in – if you are putting pictures in – simply click on PUBLISH POST and Bob is your uncle, to coin a phrase.
That is it – you have made your first blog posting!

Keep them to a max of about 500 words or shorter, and use normal conversational language. In other words, do not get too technical, the idea is to convey things to people about your industry, your area, even yourself in such a way that they can also form a picture of the person who wrote it – the old people buy from people marketing principle!

You are done. Congratulations with your first blog posting. May there be many more!


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