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Newsletters are one of the most important aspects of your business. This is the best way to communicate with your audience. Send out a regular newsletter without committing yourself to a time frame – eg a weekly newsletter. If you send out a weekly newsletter and miss one week, your audience loses faith in you. Thus a regular newsletter is more effective. Try to send at least one letter per month.

Format of the newsletter – much has been said on this subject and I would like to summarize it as follows :‐

  • It should not be cluttered
  • It should not contain too much text to be read (people don’t like to read), rather send more letters more often (Yes, we still preach lots of text on your website homepage – for the search engines! Ever more important to make use of professional creative marketing copywriters to assist with specifically that homepage text to get your message across efficiently)
  • It should contain valuable information
  • Try and work in a “jokes section” or such like
  • It should not be more than one page
  • Keep it personal – talk to the person and from you – ensure people can see your face on the newsletter, and also on your website!

Then – how to send this newsletter?

We have tried to use many programs over the past 4 years, with sometimes disastrous and sometimes hilarious results. After a lot of testing we have come to the following conclusion.

  • Not one of the so‐called FREE programs really work as they limit you in any number of ways.
  • Not one of the programs you download to your desktop really work due to limitations.
  • You need software that is set up to deal with bulk mail campaigns

Having said all that, you are left with only 1 option :‐

1. Your Mailing List Provider

Why services such as these?

  • Their servers are setup to deal with bulk mail – meaning you sending hundreds of mails will not be banned by your own ISP or server as these will not be seen as spam.
  • Their services are fully automated. People that sign up to your newsletter gets added to the list automatically, the same as people unsubscribing. You don’t need to do anything.
  • They have built‐in html template designers, meaning you design your newsletter inside the program and save it there as well by simply following the guidelines. No need to design something in Word and hoping it works and fits.
  • Same with email formatting – the mails you sent will be in the correct format, thus allowing the recipient to open it and view all images correctly.
  • Setting up different campaigns – you can setup more than one campaign per email list and also have more than one email list, thus allowing you more versatility.
  • Best of all – click tracking – you can actually track how many people and who opens the newsletter, as well as how many people and who, clicks on which links, thus ensuring you know what the next step is.

Now surely, paying a minimal fee for a service that takes care of this, is money well invested into your business, don’t you think?


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