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Welcome as a new o5 client

Congratulations on your brand new website!

Whether we designed a brand new site for you or just did SEO on your old site, we would like to welcome you to our team.

At this stage, you might feel a little unsure and overwhelmed by all the info we have discussed and given to you over the past few weeks (not to mention the jargon).

Please don’t feel alone, you are not the first or only to feel like this. In fact, it is quite common for all our new clients to feel a bit “suspicious” at this stage. This is perfectly normal.

Be assured that we will be guiding you from here on through the what nexts.

Having said that ……….

What next ?

The first question that new clients ask us most of the times is “When will this SEO thing start kicking in?”

Let me try and explain :- SEO (If you need to know what this is click here), is a continuous and a timely process. It does not happen overnight.

Your site has now been designed to meet with correct SEO techniques and standards, we have linked it from our clients section as well as our blog. This means that Google and the others will subsequently pick up your new site from there and index it.

Keep in mind that indexing it means only that they now have it in their database. We then need to wait for them to update their database – which can take anything from one day to 4 months. No-one knows. But once they have updated their databases, your new site will show up in the results.

Only then will your rankings-improvements follow. Meaning – only then can your site gradually start climbing in the rankings.

Thus, as you can see – it is a lenghty process and cannot be achieved overnight.

What can I do while waiting for SEO to kick in ?

At this stage of the fight you might think there are some things you can do to speed up the process. Well, thruth is, yes and no.

The on-page SEO was done by us when we designed (or re-designed) your site. This will ensure Google’s “spiders” can actually crawl and understand the site to ensure the process explained above will take place.

We have also added your site to o5’s client list on our own website as well as linked it from some of our blogs.

Within the first 2 months we will do the first run of directory links (if you have paid for that option). This means that your site will start getting at least 80 good quality inbound links from the directories to which we have submitted your site. You will get a report confirming that the links run has been done and showing to which directories.

We suggest you read through these articles as well as our previous newsletters for the year. Why is this important? Simply because you need to be educated about this huge marketing tool that you have just paid for – your website.

We will also mail you with login details to our own client area. Go to our website’s homepage and login with those details as shown in the diagram.

Once you have logged in here, you will be able to do a couple of things.

The first page you’ll hit will show a couple of buttons. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of these.

1. Important Info :- Some interesting facts to read about (apologies about all the information overload) but it really is necessary to be educated.

2. View available tools (not available to all clients) :- Here are some nice tools to use once you get up to speed with using your site properly.

3. View your sites :- This area shows not only your site’s URL, but also your control panel and ftp details (if you host with us) as well as links to your tracker and AwStats (only clients hosting with us) (to see how to use – just click on the red words)

This area also shows the title tag, description tag and keywords we used on your site. You will need this info when you use the following button

4. Important Links :- taking the info mentioned above, you need to submit your site to ALL of these free directories we have listed here (VERY IMPORTANT), once you click on a link, you will be taken straight to the directory’s submission page where you need to complete your own details as well as your title tag, description tag and keywords. After having submitted your site here, you will receive an instant boost pretty soon in your site’s rankings.

Please ensure you keep checking back here every 2 months or so, as we keep editing this list of directories and you’ll need to submit your site to the newer ones as well.

And that’s that for now

That’s that. Once you have done this, ensure you keep reading our regular newsletters and PLEASE call or mail us if there is anything you do not understand.

We are more than willing to discuss any matters and issues with you over the phone to ensure you understand what message we are trying to get across.

Our marketing team will be in contact with you from here on on a regular basis to touch base and give some hints and tips on how to get more of that edge.

Kind regards

The o5 Team

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