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Email marketing is a word that many people throw around these days. People always ask if email marketing really is necessary, and if so, why?

The short answer here is “yes”, and getting started with email marketing is cheaper than you may think and it’s more effective than you realize.

Living in an age where social media seems to be the go-to solution for connecting with clients, email marketing is in fact much more cost-effective and you can target your market and audience on a much more personalized level.

Think of email marketing like James Bond: it might not look sexy, but it certainly gets the job done.

To illustrate why email marketing is your 007 in disguise, here are 9 convincing reasons:

It lets you stay in touch with customers

We use email marketing to keep our clients informed and up to date, either through specials, news or anything else. Now, because your clients are part of your email list, you have the power to give your clients something worthwhile, be it in the form of a promotion or in the form of something worth reading.

You can reach customers wherever they are

Many of us have a smartphone. This gives us the ability to send and receive emails wherever we are. As such, you can reach more people, no matter where they are, as they have the ability to read your emails on their phone.

You can make people engage with your emails

Emails have, for many years, been a standard form of communication. We all know that we have to do something with an email once we receive it (either reply, forward, etc.). By using this to your advantage, you can make people go to your website, read an article, download a report, sign in somewhere – in short, interact with it, in some way.

You can measure how well your marketing efforts are doing

Now, email marketing isn’t done on Microsoft Outlook. You use an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Your Mailing List Provider. These tools are specifically built to give you the power to create an email marketing campaign, send out emails, and then track how many people open and read your emails and how many react to whatever’s inside your email.

This can give you the right data to market your products or services better to your audience and give them more of what they want.

Email marketing is affordable

Making sure our monies are spent wisely, is a top priority for every business owner. As such, email marketing is a rather affordable way to market your services and products. Many online email marketing tools give you a cheap way of sending out your marketing emails, with many of them having free service tiers, too.

With a little research and some very clever thinking, business owners can yield a far greater return on their investment when they include email marketing in their marketing strategy.

You can create targeted messages

So, let’s say you run an online shop. With an email marketing service plugged into your website, you can create what’s called a buyer’s persona, where you tell the service to send an email to a customer who’s adding items to their shopping cart, without having gone through the checkout process. You can assure customers that you’re there, every step of the way.

Or, you can target those same customers to buy something extra that they may need.

The options are truly endless here.

You can increase your brand’s awareness

Using social media for brand awareness is a great idea, but it’s not the be-all and end-all when it comes to that. With email marketing you get to send your emails directly to a customer’s email address. It gets delivered straight to their inbox, and not to some profile on a social media website.

You can make it relevant

A good way to get subscribers to hate you is by sending them several emails a day. The best way to combat this?

Sending emails to sell your products during holidays, special occasions, as well as sending a special gift to a customer on their birthday, makes your marketing efforts go further. You can even create urgency with these types of emails.

And, finally…

You’re marketing to a wide audience…

… because everyone (almost everyone) has an email address that they use. Yes, there are millions and millions of users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, BUT how many of those users are ACTIVELY using those platforms?

Chances are, not that many.

Now, with email marketing, you have a greater chance of getting people to read your emails and possibly respond to them, because….

Everyone must read their emails at least once during the day.

And, what’s more, encouraging people to share your email is an even better way to further expand your marketing reach.

To Wrap Up

Email marketing seems like a daunting and unnecessary exercise that might, at first glance, not be a viable way to market your brand, products, and/or services. But, email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can market yourself, your business and the services you offer to an unimaginably wide audience for a fraction of the price of what it would cost to use something like social media (paid or otherwise) or paid Google advertising.

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