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Just Google it!

Why are people so afraid to simply Google stuff?

Are they even aware that you can find the answer to almost everything on the internet nowadays?

Odds are that someone, somewhere, has already asked that same question YOU want to ask! And that your question has been answered somewhere already! It might be on Wikipedia, or in a technical forum or blog or website somewhere, but it IS probably already there. Trust me on this.

Whether your question is internet related, email related, or even just family pet related – by simply Googling it the chances are almost 100% that you will have your answer in minutes!

The first problem seem to be that people are simply too scared to use it.

Then we also hear things like “How should I know what to Google for, I’m no expert?”

Firstly – stop being afraid of it, right this minute! Maybe you need to spend 5 minutes every day saying this little mantra:

“The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend

The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend
The internet is my friend

There is absolutely nothing to be scared off! Nothing is going to jump out and bite you. I promise.

The internet is nothing more, and nothing less, than an information highway. It contains lots and lots and lots of information.

Some information will be good. Some will even be bad. It all depends on the source. If the information is wrong it is not the internet’s fault – it is the person who uploaded that information in the first place’s fault.

Right, now that we have – hopefully – gotten you to relax about the internet, let’s discuss the wonderful thing that is Google.

It is a search engine. Correction – make that THE search engine! The most widely used one of all search engines. Probably the most recognizable trademark on the planet, and maybe even beyond.

Who knows, maybe some little green guy with antlers somewhere also Googles stuff.

Back to that question – “I don’t know how to Google it because I’m not an expert”.

I have 1 word to say to this little gem – Nonsense!

You do not have to be an expert at anything to be able to Google information. You certainly do not have to be a web designer, or a search engine marketing specialist, or an IT guru.

You simply need to understand that you have no reason to be scared of Googling it, and that you can expand your own knowledge by doing so!

Let’s look at some examples, ranging from relevant to totally silly. But just so you get the idea that you can literally Google anything you can think of:

1 – My email gives me some weird error code.

Basically it’s not working. What do you do? I will tell you what most people do – they panic. No need – all you need to do is Google the error code – there is always an error code in the error message, just look for it. It’s there alright. Google the error code – and you will quickly see what the problem might be. This will help you to determine whether you need to phone your hosting company or your internet service provider for starters.

If you can determine that the problem seems to be related to internet connectivity, it already saves you a phone call!  You can then contact your internet service provider (ISP) directly, instead of calling your web hosting company only to have THEM Google the error code and tell you it is not hosting related, you need to contact your ISP.

2 – I cannot receive any emails

Ok. No problem – Google it! Simply Google the exact problem – “I cannot receive any emails on outlook express” or whatever email server you use.

Again this will help you to determine whom to contact. It actually saves you time and frustration.

3 – Where is the end of the internet?

Silly example, but one always needs a good giggle – so go ahead, Google it in any case just to see what you get! I am trying to show you that you can Google anything you can think of whether it is a problem or simply something you would like to know more about.

If you can think of a question, you can Google that question. It is that easy. And for the most part, you will start finding answers to those questions.

It is hard to believe that so many business owners in 2010 are still afraid of the internet, still not really computer literate, and still in the dark as to the awesome capabilities of the internet and the advantages this can hold for their businesses!

Just Google it!

Start giving yourself an advantage today still by climbing on the “Just Google it” bandwagon! Move your goalposts!

Amaze yourself.

Save time, and save money.

Use the internet to your advantage.

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