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Googe PageRank – does it count anymore?

Google controls roughly 80% of all search engine traffic. A really amazing statistic. Even more important is that Google has over the years managed to establish brand recognition and credibility for their brand that is unmatched in the eyes of potential visitors to your website.

One can almost say Google is the Bible of the internet – thus is the believe internet users place in it. Perception is everything in the online world – be that right or wrong!

Indeed Google is king of the online search! No other search engine comes even close.

So, when Google suddenly, and rather surprisingly, turn around and say they have dropped PageRank from it’s Webmaster Tools, people like us, who basically spend all our time on the internet both as search engine marketers as well as web designers for clients, sit up and take notice!

First of all, what IS PageRank, or just PR for short?

It is a ranking system devised by Google – one can say Google’s opinion of your website. It is a link analysis algorithm named after Larry Page, one of the original founders of Google.  The algorithm assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents (how’s THAT for an unusual description for the World Wide Web), with the purpose of “measuring” it’s relative importance within the set.

(Incidentally, the two founders are today worth USD14 Billion apiece according to Forbes, and the 12h and 13th richest in the USA).

Google says that they have been telling people for a long time not to focus on PageRank that much. They reckon it is not true that it is the most important metric for them to track. PageRank was removed from Webmaster Tools as Google felt it was rather silly to tell people to stop thinking about it so much, but still show them all the data and in that way implying they should look at it. Stop the confusion, so to speak!

For reasons of SEO or ranking website’s in Google’s index, PR has long since been sidelined by Google. However, history has shown that this does not necessarily make it the be all and end all – it does not mean it wields no more power!

Regardless of what Google wants to happen, PR is still of tremendous importance to any marketer on the web. And before you start telling yourself you are NOT a marketer on the web – if you advertise your business on the web, you ARE a marketer on the web!

Just try selling things like SEO services – and that little green bar on your site indicates a slovenly PR0. Good luck!

A higher PR means more business and revenues.  Regardless of how Google is using PageRank. Even internet users can count – and everybody knows that PR4 or PR8 is a lot more than PR0. Back to those perceptions again!

If Google thinks people have stopped counting when it comes to PR, they are wrong.

A site with a higher PR gets more respect that one with lower PR in the eyes of potential clients. As such, it can be directly translated into potentially higher profits for the site owner – that means YOU. If they eliminate PageRank totally it might be a good start, but the battle to eliminate link selling – a widely used practice still – is probably unwinnable.

With a website indicating a higher PR, one tends to get more requests for link selling – all the time!

PageRank is Google’s own creation and will continue counting until such time that they remove it from their system in total.

You simply cannot ignore PR when it comes to marketing your website on the internet:

To get top organic, or natural, rankings for popular keywords in search engines equates money in the bank, it is that simple.

Once you rank really well even a small movement – one or two places on the SERP’s (search engine ranking positions) on the first results page (top 10 results) – can have a major impact on an internet marketer’s bottom line. Meaning if you do reach that number 1 position, you want to try EVERYTHING to stay there.

Google has maintained for a long time now that PageRank is only one of about 200 ranking factors which determines the way Google rank’s it’s index for keywords.

True, you can have a lower PR number, and still outrank other websites with higher PR ratings for your set of keywords – mainly due to relevant related inbound links, or back links.

NOTE – see how we always get back to inbound links? It is because Inbound links are absolutely vital, the more you can build up over time, the better.

So, PR counts very little to your actual keyword rankings but that doesn’t mean it can be laughed off.

The main reason is that a high PR, being only one of many various factors that determine the ranking position of your website, can indeed make the difference between getting into that top spot – or not!! SEO is not one big factor. Rather, it is a whole host of smaller factors, and the more of these you can tick of as correct, the better your website will rank.

And for all of us who can count, getting your website ranked in that number one spot still makes all the difference in the world!

Conclusion – PageRank remains important.


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