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Approaching internet marketing in a hands-on way

When compared to standard, off-line marketing campaigns, a good online marketing campaign is STILL the cheapest form of marketing you will find, offering potentially the largest return on your investment!

The internet is a vastly powerful marketing medium that is still underrated by so many people and businesses, mostly due to a lack of knowledge or even fear of the unknown.

Utilizing the internet properly can add a valuable pillar to your overall marketing campaign, coupled with the standard (or offline) forms of marketing – printed media, radio, television etc.

When using offline media – ALWAYS include your online platforms’ links such a website domain name (also called URL), blog address, facebook group link, Twitter profile link etc to make people aware of it! This helps to drive traffic to your website as well.

The internet has grown tremendously over the last decade, and methods used even as little as a year ago is considered out of date or not sufficient already. In 2009 alone 49 million new websites were added to the internet. So it has grown and become extremely large, meaning there is more competition than ever.

Internet competition is bigger and stronger than ever

As a result is has become more difficult than ever to “being visible” on the internet, and the approach to manage this becomes more and more involved.

Step 1: Your website must be CORRECTLY optimized for search engines

The general term used is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

The word Correctly is put in Italics because it really has become a bit of a science due to the fact that search engines are continuously updating their search algorithms to ensure their search results are such that internet users enjoy using them. Many ways to skin a cat, but only one proper way that will get the better long term results.

Marketing on the internet is always a long term plan. Pretty much like the standard forms of marketing – it is all about establishing your brand, just on a different platform.

There are no quick fix solutions. So be very wary of quick fix quotations!

Having a correctly optimized website is the first step. This will aid the website in becoming visible in search engines when internet users start doing searches for the services or products YOU offer, and often in the areas they want it.

For instance – Self Catering Accommodation Clarence. That is when you want them to start finding your website – under the first 10 results as almost nobody checks further than that – it is just the way the internet is used. Quick and fast. 80% of internet users do not know the name of the business they search for so they search for what they want.

Then you need to rank as high as possible for your specific keywords. This takes time, and is determined also by the amount and quality of online competition.

Another extremely important factor that plays a major role in the ranking process, is linking.

Step 2: A quality, ongoing linking campaign to create specifically inbound links

Linking is an ongoing part of the whole campaign. The most important kind of link is a one way link into your website only – called inbound or backlinks. Our advice to clients – never ever stop  linking. It is that important.

Read more here about why inbound linking is so important for your website.

The more aggressive you do a link campaign, and the more continuous you do it, the better the results will be for your website.

Step 3: Using social media to further increase your overall internet exposure

Social media has literally taken over the internet, and turned it upside down. From being a totally faceless medium the internet has suddenly become a very personal thing via platforms such as Facebook (more than 450 million users and growing daily),

It has forced a change in people’s online shopping habits!

They now want to see who you are, what you do, what your dog’s name is, what your kids look like, what kind of a person you are etc. And Facebook is the ideal platform for this.

a.    Establishing a Facebook Group

Firstly you need to get it out there so people can become aware of it. Invite your FB friends – this is NETWORKING at it’s best! Then you add the link in all your outgoing correspondence so people reading it can see it.

Also do not hesitate to ask people and sponsors or potential sponsors to go join the group. In this way you actively make it grow. A typical pop- or sportstar can expect his group to very rapidly grow, but as a norm it does not happen that fast., You have to keep on actively working at it. So it grows.

On the group you keep people posted about your activities. Short wall postings, and using a link from there to direct people who want to read more to either your website, or your blog etc. Read below for blogs.

b.    Twitter

As above, Twitter just allows for even shorter wall postings, or Tweets – 140 characters only. So a very short intro, plus a link to your website or your blog, or your video on Youtube etc.

c.    Blogging

A blog is a hugely powerful tool that can be used very effectively to help increase your overall internet visibility. See the 3 articles below about business blogging and why it is good for you:

Why is business blogging good for you part 1

Why is business blogging good for you part 2

Why is business blogging good for you part 3

d.    Youtube

Traffic and Stats

“People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily. In fact, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.”

Quoted from the official Youtube fact sheet

With such tremendous volumes of traffic NOT having video’s on Youtube about your business or projects is a serious mistake.

Youtube is effectively a search engine and video clips are searched for and found in the same way as it is done using a search engine such as Google. You submit a video using certain keywords (search terms people will use to search for your business – this is done when the optimisation is done on a website so by now you will have a good idea of what you can use here)  plus you add a link to your website, or your blog, or your FB group etc.

There are of course lots of other such platforms such as LinkedIn, Ecademy, Myspace etc. The choice is vast. Every business owner must determine the time factor they have available and decide which platforms to use.

So you can clearly see from the above that the idea is to become visible over time at more than one place on the internet.

Your website starts ranking in search engines and being found. The same for your blog. People find you on FB, on Twitter, on other social platforms – there are hundreds but these are the most popular ones, and on Youtube. So your potential visibility is increased 5 fold.

All these platforms are linked to each other, with the idea being to finally drive people to your website. Which, needless to say, MUST be kept 100% up to date at all times.You are thus effectively creating a network on the internet!

On this last point – Google has recently finalised a large algorithm upgrade which had the net result that websites offering lots of good quality, unique content, are getting preference.

Google sees such websites as THE places from which to get information from, based on the content plus the links pointing to the website. Lots and lots of quality content – related to what you do and helping to establish you as experts in the eyes of the search engines as well. Result – better website rankings.

NOTE – if you do not actively USE these platforms, do not expect miracles – read more here

Step 4:    Email branding

Often neglected, yet 85% of all business correspondence is done via email.

Are your emails properly branded??

The system we use has been specifically designed to work on all email browsers in use, and is widely used around the globe now as well.

Getting your brand out there is invaluable.

Having properly branded emails is a vastly important part of this. It is said that the picture sticks after the 7th time someone has seen it.

You do not get the problem regularly found when using substandard forms of email “branding” where the image does not show when you receive it – only a little red cross – or you have to click on a link to html enable it first. The branding is always visible.

Advantages of using Rocketseed email branding:

Are you making the most of your emails?

You only have 6 seconds to make an impression…..

Statistics show that 85% of all business communication takes place via email. Don’t let your everyday mail erase your brand.

We now offer intelligent email solutions for YOUR business.

Transform your everyday emails into interactive, intellegent marketing messages.

Benefits of email branding:

What do we offer?

  • Easy set-up
  • Dynamic marketing inserts
  • Personalization
  • Clear identification
  • Free legal disclaimer
  • Scheduling of campaigns
  • Permanent inclusion for all email
  • Ensures brand consistency
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Improved client loyalty
  • Stand out in recipients minds
  • Generate sales leads
  • Increase traffic to website
  • Low annual pricing
  • Tracking, reporting and analysis

We also incorporate the following features into every mail to increase the effectivity:

Logo and Branding

This incorporates your specific brand and also introduces your business to the email recipient. By doing this consistently you ensure that you:

  • Stand out in the minds of clients and prospects
  • Build brand and company awareness
  • Maintain brand consistency leading to improved client loyalty

Marketing Insert

The purpose is to draw the attention of the recipient to information that differentiates you from your competitors. This can include marketing inserts:

  • Showcasing promotions and/or specials
  • Company services and products
  • Confirming quality – using client testimonials

Call to Action

This reinforces the fact that the email recipient can continue the journey to find out more about your business and what it offers. This ensures:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Multiple brand exposures
  • Increased opportunity to convert to a client

Business Card

Can be delivered as image or plain text, depending on your mail preference. Senders can also upload a photo of themselves and personal or business detail, ensuring:

  • High level of personalization
  • Clear identification
  • Personal feel to your emails

Legal Compliance

Full legal compliance is provided through legally correct email disclaimers, with single and multi-legal structures.

By utilizing such an involved approach to your online marketing, you are ensuring good visibility on the internet for you and your business.

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