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  • Have you had bad run-ins with web designers ?
  • Have you been made promises re your website that were not kept ?
  • Do you feel that you paid money for a website that does not work ?
  • Are you weary of webdesigners and web design companies ?

Then it might be time to visit us and see what we offer.

“Poor quality is remembered long after low prices are forgotten.”

Charles Royce – co-founder of Rolls Royce.

Do you realize the full potential of the Internet?

Having a website that really works for you can bring much better returns on investment than any other printed media ad, as the Internet offers you a global platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meaning that any small business can now afford to have international exposure 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of a newspaper ad.

What Comes First – Web Design or Search Engine Optimisation?

This really is the chicken and egg question of the internet age but depending on who you ask will determine the actual answer you receive.

Why use us?

Disregarding the fact that we can actually make your website rank in the Search Engine results and not charge you exorbitant fees for one, there are some other factors that make us stand out from the crowd. For one, we, unlike pretty much most other website design companies, have a whole bouquet of means to contact us, up to and including Skype direct from the site, as well as a map to get to us and even photographs of every key person involved in o5webdesign. Over and above that, we also include all feedback as received from clients, plus the ability to contact those clients to check up on us. We are of the opinion that this, together with our proven history of good client service, is sufficient means of proving our legitimacy.

Why ranking in the search engines is important

There used to be a time when you could design a website without worrying too much about the technical stuff. Just slapping a site together in one of the HTML editing programs was enough. Once you had your site designed and uploaded to your server, you were in business. All of that has changed now. Search engine algorithms have not only changed drastically over the past five years, but they keep changing almost on a weekly basis. If you do not keep up with these changes and then change accordingly, your site is dead in the water.

Now, you have 2 options – spend hours educating yourself and staying on top of what’s what in Search Engine Optimization OR get the services of someone who specializes in that – as easy as that. That is where o5webdesign come in – we regard ourselves as Search Engine Optimization specialists due to our extensive ongoing research to make our own huge network of websites rank and then using that knowledge to ensure our clients get their just return on investment and that they end up with a website that truly works for them.

So maybe its time to ask yourself – What’s the use of a beautiful site lying in the 205th position on a search engine? No-one will find your site. Our ever growing list of clients as well as the results of our own sites speak for themselves. So isn’t it time you talked to the real experts today ?


Take it from someone who makes a full-time living off the Internet – a nice, flashy site is good to have, but if your site does not rank on the first few pages of the Search Engines IT WILL NOT WORK. It is that simple.

The expert web designers in South Africa.

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We are accessible and strive to not only giving a quality product, but also excellent service. Our track record and client list speaks for itself – please page through our site or give us a call and talk to us. We make our full-time living off the Internet and ARE NOT just graphic designers who know all about beautiful designs and nothing or very little about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . We are SEO specialists.

Our promise to you – excellent service (read what our clients say) and a website optimized with the very latest SEO techniques. We specialize in making your site rank in the Search Engines and thus making your website work.



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