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Creating Inbound Links (back links) for your website will determine it’s ultimate success or failure.

We are always talking about the absolute value of creating more and more (and more) inbound links to your website.  This is most definitely NOT because we have run out of conversational topics!

The fact is that creating quality inbound links on a continuous basis remains one of the MOST important aspects of ensuring your website’s continued search engine rankings.

Fact – most clients do one or two such link runs and then never again.

Fact – most clients who do not do regular link runs complain that their websites are either not ranking or have fallen out of the rankings.

Fact – by NOT ensuring that you are continuously having more quality inbound links created to your website, you are ensuring it’s ultimate failure.

Search engines literally see each such inbound link as a “nod of approval” for your website. The more “nods” your website can get, the better search engines like it.

What is an inbound link?

It is basically a link that originates from an outside source – blogs, other websites, articles, directories etc – into your website, but not out again. So it is a one way link into your website only. Hence inbound links, also called back links.

There are hundreds of factors that play a role in your website’s ultimate ranking possibilities.

Together with having a correctly optimized website, one of the MOST important factors remain the creation of continuous, quality inbound links.

The main factors that determine the value of inbound links

  • The quality of the origin. Meaning a link from there to your website is a quality link  that search engines will approve of.
  • Continuity. You simply can never have enough inbound links. Ever!
  • Creating links in a natural or organic way. Meaning do NOT obtain links from a link farm to have thousands of inbound links overnight! That will get your website blacklisted.

How to go about creating inbound links

We offer inbound linking packages ranging from very high intensity (monthly) packages to lower intensity (quarterly) packages. Read more here

The monthly packages are structured to create inbound links from a variety of platforms, so it offers a much more comprehensive link building strategy. Because it is monthly, more links are also created in a shorter period of time.

We advise this option to businesses who compete in segments on the internet that are much more highly contested than others, such as estate agents, websites selling products, tour operators etc.

For the stand alone packages, we advise clients to do a run at least every quarter – so 3 to 4 runs per annum.

In Conclusion

Over and above ensuring your website is correctly optimised, one of the most valuable things that you can do to ensure continued good rankings for your marketing tool (read website) is to continue creating quality inbound links.

Merely doing one or two such link runs are simply not sufficient. In time your competition WILL overtake you as they will be doing linking while you are trying to decide if this is a good thing or not.

The higher the intensity, and the shorter the intervals between link runs, the better.

If you do not continue to have inbound links created, it is merely a matter of time before your website will fail. Such a bold statement should illustrate to you just how critical this part of the SEO process is.

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