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Further increasing your internet exposure

The first step is always a correctly optimized website. But, that part is simply not enough anymore.

No, online shopping habits have changed, and you now have to go all out to further increase your overall visibility on the Internet. Potential customers need to see more of you.

(On the point of seeing more of you – do you have your photograph on your website?!)

They want to see that you really are up to scratch, really are who you say you are, and really can offer the goods! Hence you are left with no choice – you have to start becoming active on the social media!

Firstly – keep on linking!

I can go into a day long discussion on this subject. Instead, let me just say the following – between a couple of us here at o5webdesign, we have hundreds of our own websites that earn money for us. And we never, ever, EVER stop linking!

Question – why would we waste our time on linking if we knew it doesn’t work?

Answer – because continuous linking is absolutely vital to help increase your website’s position in search engine rankings.’

Social Media

This aspect is becoming more and more important by the day. In fact, it has reached the point where you literally have no option anymore. If you want to stay visible, you have to social media as well.

There are so many platforms available, and every one takes time. Let’s face it, hardly anybody has the kind of time available to manage a business AND spend hours on the internet!

Social media is also free.

So identify just ONE social platform for starters, and utilize that properly.


A good one is Facebook. Yes, it is most definitely not only for teenagers anymore! It is a vast platform with hundreds of millions of members worldwide.

Create a group for your business on Facebook. Let all our friends know. Ask them to become a fan of your group. Then also ask them to let everybody on their friends lists know about it. Then make sure you give up to date, interesting feedback on a very regular basis. Related to your business!

In this way, you start building up a network of people that grows over time. And every person who becomes a fan, is one more who knows about you.


Correct – we Tweet on Twitter. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Silly or not, Twitter has very quickly established itself as a front runner of a social media platform.
Create an account, and start posting. It is easy to use. Short posts as space is very limited, each one with links back to your blogs, websites, facebook group, Youtube video’s, etc.

I have just increased my followers by more than 100 in a matter of 2 days!  Ask me how.


Did you know that Youtube is effectively a search engine? You search for video clips you are interested in on Youtube in exactly the same way you would do a search on Google or Yahoo, the 2 largest search engines.

What does this mean? Well, effectively it means you submit a video clip – related to your business – on Youtube, and list keywords that are applicable.
So what you ask? Youtube users can then find YOUR video clips in exactly the same way they would find your website in a search engine. And Youtube boasts a tremendous amount of users.

Question – are they finding YOUR video clips? Because if they are not, you are busy wasting one of the most powerful tools available on the internet when it comes to generating potential visitors to your website.

With every video clip you post, you make very certain to add your website address in the footer of your video. People searching for what you offer will look at the video, see your website address, and probably go and have a look! More traffic to your website, more chances of potential new customers. Voila!

Videos MUST be of good quality, and keep them short and informative (if you are going to be talking on the video). Rehearse your lines, or if you can afford to, use a professional voice over artist. A good quality video clip – not longer than 1 to 2 minutes – with good information is a very good sales tool!
Once Youtube users find your video clips, you have effectively increased your overall internet exposure.

A well optimized Blog

Once again – a blog still is a VERY powerful tool to help you increase your internet exposure. As long as it is optimized for the search engines, and contains interesting information related to your business. You cannot go wrong with a good blog!

All of these platforms have a couple of things in common:

a.   They take up your time

b.   A lot of people think it is a total waste of their time
c.   If utilized, they can seriously increase your overall internet visibility!

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