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Links 101 – Part 2

You might find it strange that we would write an article called Part 2 without having a Part 1. You need to read Links 101 first – click here.

Link Requests

Once your site is up and running, you will be receiving a lot of reciprocal links exhange requests – from people wanting to exchange links with you. There are a couple of things to look for in a website wanting to exchange links with you.

Recently we are flooded with links exchange requests from clients. You, as the website owner, can do some preliminary checks before sending the request to us.

Remember – you only want about 50 links on your links page, you also want this to grow gradually. Google will frown upon you if you suddenly have 50 new links overnight.

If you only want 50 links, wouldn’t you want those 50 to be the 50 best links you can get? So, by using our 6 point check plan, you can now decide which links are best for your site.


Using your Google Toolbar – you can immediately see another site’s PageRank (PR).

As explained in the article about PageRank – click here – you need to exchange links with sites with a PR similar or higher than yours. In some instances you might want to exchange links with lower PR sites, but if you are unsure, just ask us.

Also, if a links page has no PR, it might be an indication that this page is not visited (crawled) by the Search Engines.


Who do you associate with? Ensure that the person wanting to exchange links with you, has a business in more or less the same genré. If you have a guesthouse = travel industry related links would be suitable.

Depth of the links page

If a site has a one-level deep page structure, meaning you can access all pages from all pages, then it is a better option than a site with a four-level-deep structure – where you have to click from HOME >> RESOURCES >> then a whole page with headings such as AFRICA, USA, etc etc etc >> then a page with links from SA businesses.

Amount of links

The page where your link will appear – how many links does it have? We come across sites with hundreds of links on one page, this is not good SEO. If a site has more than 50 – 100 links on 1 page, then I would not exchange links with such a site.

Links structure

What is the main anchortext used as a link from the site?

If someone wants to link to o5webdesign’s site, I want the link to look like this :-

web design & search engine optimization South Africa – o5webdesign, specialists in SEO and web design, making your website work.

here you can see that the part of the paragraph that is the actual link, is actually our main keyphrase. As opposed to a link like this

web design & search engine optimization South Africa – o5webdesign, specialists in SEO and web design, making your website work.



The latter 2 links are not good links, they count 0 towards a good linking campaign and will not help our efforts in getting quality links. A link MUST be your main keyword or keyphrase.

The link part (blue part) is what we call the anchortext.

When in Doubt

Just scream – if you really do not know, please ask us. We just feel that an educated client is a better team member at the end of the day. Keep in mind that we see the client as a member of our team, it is your website after all.

We are there to back you up, but we feel it is imperative that you are in the know.

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