Links 103

Now we have looked at basics of links and maintaining your own links page, let’s take a look at more on the linking strategy front.

1. Links in paid directories

There are many directories on the Internet – in fact – even more than that. Some of them are good solid directories, while some are here today and gone tomorrow.

A directory is basically and online “Yellow Pages” – a listing of businesses in categorical order. It is important to understand that there are directories that charge you for inclusion or listing of your site – such as the Google and Yahoo directories, and there are directories where you can list your site for free.

Those that charge for inclusion we simply call paid directories.

To have your site in the Yahoo directory is apparently a very good move – although there are strong arguments for and against it. We ourselves have ranked our own site very well without paying for any inclusions in any directory.

Yahoo charges US$299 per year and then they don’t guarantee your listing.

If you are willing to take that risk, then you can do so.

2. Links in free directories

The other type of directory we are very fond of are free directories.

The biggest free directory is – and we suggest you submit your site to dmoz if it hasn’t been submitted yet.

Some free directories request a link back to themselves from your site – making it a links exchange as in no1 above. We suggest going with the directories that charges nothing at all.

But it does not stop there

Keep in mind that directories are here today and gone tomorrow – and no one can predict who will be gone tomorrow – same as with any other website.

It is therefore imperative that you submit your site to as many free directories as possible on a continuous basis to ensure a steady flow of inbound links to your site.

We always say to clients – it doesn’t matter if you do it or we do it – as long as it gets done.

If you are interested in the links exchange program or simply want more info – send us a mail.