Search Engine Rankings

As a second phase of good SEO, a solid, comprehensive links campaign strategy is still one of the biggest assets you can have in your online marketing arsenal. Bearing in mind that SEO is not an event, its a continuous process.

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Available Linking Packages

We take each website’s specific situation in terms of online competition into consideration, and advise accordingly.

Application will thus differ in various cases, ranging from monthly to quarterly proposed repeats.

Monthly Packages

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Social Media and Your Rankings

The coming of social media platforms like Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter, Digg and many many more, has caused a mega ripple in the normal day-to-day usage of the Internet and thus in your website’s visits and subsequently rankings. Before 2007, the Internet was a “faceless” environment, where you would search for a product or service on a search engine and your search would return x results. You would then glance at these results and start opening websites one-by-one to decide who to buy from.

Social platforms have brought emotion back into the Internet – e.g. : if you own a safari company, you can create a Facebook group and post all the safari pics on that group, thus sharing it with everyone who was on the safari at a click of a button. The overall effect of this is that Mr Smith in Canada can now fly home and show his safari pictures to all his friends worldwide at a click of a button. He can also give a run-by-run account of each picture and show his friends where they went, what they saw, who they met, what happened there – thus creating an emotional experience of his safari. His friends can comment on the pics and share with their friends who can share with their friends etc, causing a massive word-of-mouth effect for your business.

Next time Mr Smith comes to SA for a safari, who do you think he will contact first? So, suddenly the Internet is not faceless anymore, but human emotion is brought back into it and is alive and well.

Becoming a Full Time Job

Thus, by having a website, you can strengthen it by adding a quality Facebook group. To strengthen this even more, you can add a Squidoo lens, a Twitter page, a Digg page and many many more. But suddenly you will find yourself working full-time in front of your pc instead of running your normal day-to-day business. We now offer an affordable way of doing this for you!

Do Regular Inbound Links Still Have a Place?

Indeed! These are still one of the most important aspects that you will need to be doing on a continuous basis. Getting more and more and more inbound links – this part can never stop. Because the moment you stop, your competitors will shoot past you like lightning and before you see, your website will drop back to the second page on the search results.

A One-Stop Solution

After a lot of research we have put together a complete and comprehensive links strategy package that will do ALL of the above for you at a fraction of what a directory links campaign would have cost you previously.

We do recommend however that you use this strategy on a continuous basis – for best results, you need to do this on a continuous basis!

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