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Your website needs care and maintenance, now and then.

With the rise of content management systems, maintaining your own website has become an easier task. However, if you’re running a business full-time, you might not be able to get a chance to update it yourself. You might need to hire someone to maintain it for you, but most agencies will charge you an arm and a leg doing so.

We try to give our clients a little bit extra in everything we do. So, our goal is to put an end to exorbitant website maintenance costs with our truly unlimited website maintenance package.

We offer a whole host of maintenance work, all inclusive all the time, for a small monthly fee. This includes changing your text, adding new pages, checking up on your SEO, and it even covers your hosting costs.

Best of all, you call or mail your changes throughout the month – as much as you need, too –  and we’ll make sure it gets done. No hidden costs or additional fees. One fee for unlimited support.

Website Support


unlimited maintenance

We offer a first in South Africa. Where other companies give you only a small chunk time at a substantial cost, we provide a truly unlimited maintenance service at a monthly fee that covers everything and won’t give you a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

Try our unlimited maintenance plan, today.

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