Our support section is available to help you sort out most issues relating to hosting and web design. If your issue is ISP related or related to your pc or network, please note that we outsource this service and can only refer you to someone. To help you with your issue, we will use a FAQ approach on this page – please go to the section required and follow the help instructions before making a phone call.

Maintenance | Email setup | Hosting Transfers


Maintenance on websites

Maintenance done on websites will be charged per half hour increment or part thereof. Thus, if we spend 10 minutes on your maintenance, you will receive an invoice for half an hour. Please make sure you don’t do unnecessary changes and that you are sure before sending off your maintenance. Maintenance requests must be send via email – no phone enquiries will be handled. Maintenance requests must all be mailed to maintenance@o5webdesign.com. Requests sent to other email addresses will not be actioned. See the maintenance process here


Email setup

Note that we send you an email with the full setup instructions when we do the email setup for you. You have to ensure that you save this info AND PRINT the email and keep it in a safe place should you need this info in future. See email setup instructions here


Hosting Transfers

Ensure you understand and know how hosting transfers work, what they entail and how long they can take. Also note what the client needs to do in order for this to happen. See all about hosting transfers here