What happens with a hosting transfer or domain name transfer?

Your domain name (ie – www.something.com ) is parked on a server somewhere in the world. This server is a normal hard disk on a special computer with special software. The domain name is actually an IP address (ie ) which is an unique IP address.

But your domain name is pointed to these Domain Name Servers (DNS) as it is easier to remember www.something.com than So people just need to type in your domain name in their web browser, which then searches for the IP address, finds it on the server and displays your website. All in milli seconds.

Now, we can add a website either on the current server at your current hosting company, or transfer the domain name to our servers – which would change the IP address. In order to do that, we request a transfer from the domain names registrar, who in turn submits a ticket to the current hosting company. The current hosting company must then accept or deny that ticket. They have to do this within 24 hours or the ticket expires, whereafter the process must start again.

So best practice is to let your hosting company know that a transfer request will be submitted, they should accept the ticket. Upon their confirmation to you, and your confirmation to us, we will submit the request to the registrar. We cannot submit directly to the hosting company.

Please note that there is a period when your domain name “expires” or “dies” on their server and then populates on our side, once the transfer has been completed. This means in effect that the IP address changes from what it was to the new IP address. This “news” is then “broadcast” all over the Internet. This process takes some time

– .co.za domains – allow 48 hours
– .com domains – allow up to 5 business days

Important Points

It is very important to note the following with regards to hosting and domain name transfers.

NB:- o5webdesign may not (according to law) act on behalf of any client with regards to transferring a domain name

This means that we may not contact your hosting company or the domain name registrar on your behalf to request any transfers.

The process for domain name transfers are as follows (and this is the only process we may follow)

1. The client phones his/her current hosting company to request any hosting info, to setup any hosting extras and to request any ftp details that we may require. Different hosting companies require different methods of how to contact them, we suggest you speak to your hosting company re this.

2. If it was agreed upon in our proposal that your domain name and hosting would be transferred to o5webdesign, you need to inform your hosting company accordingly.

3. Once they agree, you need to inform us via email that we may initiate the domain name transfer.

4. We will then submit a transfer request (ticket) to the domain name registrar. Note that we are not allowed to contact the hosting company directly.

5. The domain name registrar then submits a transfer request (ticket) to your current hosting company.

6. Your current hosting company has 24 hours in which to accept the ticket. Should they decline or not vote on the ticket, the domain name registrar will notify  o5webdesign via email that the transfer was declined and we have to start the whole process again.

7. Should they accept the request, it takes another 48 hours (.co.za domains) or 5-10 days (.com domains) for the domain name transfer to complete and for o5webdesign to have control over it. During this period you might not receive emails.

Once this is done, we can then access the domain name on our servers and begin working on it.

Notes & Issues

1. Ensure that you supply us with a complete backup of your current site BEFORE transfers begin. Once the transfer has begun, the site will be lost when the domain name “dies” on the current hosting server. You can request the current hosting co to supply you with either a zipped copy of the site, which you can forward to us, or supply you with ftp details, so we can login and download the site ourselves.

This is the client’s responsibility and o5webdesign will not accept responsibility if websites are lost due to the above.

2. Should the client host with Mweb, o5webdesign will under NO circumstances be involved in any correspondence with Mweb. The client needs to liase directly with them on all matters. Specs for hosting will be given to the client, who must ensure that Mweb sets the hosting up accordingly.

3. Should the client decide not to host with us, but keep his/her current hosting company, and we need to to setup any database or php related products, we will supply necessary requirements and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure their hosting company sets up the servers accordingly. Only once this is done, will we be able to proceed with our database setup.

4. When transferrring a domain name – ensure you let us know well in advance how many email addresses we need to setup for you and what these email addresses should be. Email addresses work with a server, thus, once the domain is transferred you will need new settings in order for your emails to work correctly. Please supply us with an alternative email address where we can send your new email setup instructions. Also, for a period of 24 hours, you might not have email and all email send to your email address will bounce. Please ensure you let your email contacts know in advance of the transfer. Once the transfer is completed, all emails will be held on our server untill you finish the setup on your pc. You will then be able to download these emails.