Current clients and maintenance on current sites

Please follow these steps with maintenance. This will eliminate a lot of issues and frustration – to us, but most importantly to yourself.


a) Ensure that all changes and requests are sent to Emile at . He will then allocate the maintenance to the correct developer for your website and let you know of any requests, information needed and more.

b) In the case of major changes, we will upload the site to our demo server first for the client’s approval in order to ensure no downtime.

c) Please allow 5-7 working days as turnaround time for all maintenance requests. NOTE – if you do not get any response from us within 4 days, please follow up by either mail or phone. It does happen from time to time that mails get lost in the matrix and we will not know that you did mail us. Rather double check.

d) No maintenance requests via phone will be handled – we need the info on email and need that to keep track of and manage the project.

e) If in doubt, please rather ask.

Clients are not allowed to contact designers directly.
This simply to help our project manager to keep tabs on all projects.
Also, if the designers spend their time talking with clients, then they will not have time
to get to the actual designing part of the sites, which is their main function.
All correspondence must be routed please.