To all at o5 Webdesign,

Firstly, I’m very excited to share with you the fact that we have managed to convert one of our latest website visitors into our first ever client/patient – undertaking various Dermatology treatments with Surgical Escapes & MEV (Argentina) since we started with the project late November 2006 ! Thank you, this means a lot for us ! It has taken us almost 2 years to get to this point.

Thus we would like to thank each one of you at o5 Webdesign for a job well done ! I believe this could be a partnership for the future.

Funny, we actually also converted a client via Safari 4×4 Hire – also the 1st on the same day – kid you not ! Unfortunately our supplier had no vehicles available …

Special thanks to Deon and Inge – your continuous effort is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Christo Hugo /

(note :- this happened within 2 months after o5 took over the sites and did SEO on them)


“I have been many a years in South Africa and it has taken me till October 2007 to find a hosting, designing and optimizing company that actually CAN do it all, in something like NO TIME to the satisfaction of a German “OCD”. That means something.”

Klaus Hollander /


“I wholly agree that client service is very important!

I am very impressed with the service I got right from the first minute. It was fast, friendly service and I like it because of its easy going nature. I was immediately at ease and you won my trust right away.

Yes, I am happy with my final product. Riaan had to help me a couple of times by explaining and gave suggestions as to how things should work. Divan, Deon and Riaan was very patient with this woman! The process works good, even when the fine tune period is over the December holidays. I think you did a great job. I will definitely refer you to other people requiring a website.

To everyone at o5 – thank you very much for good service! I appreciate it and wish you all success. You deserve it!

Elizianne Marais
Rockpool 1208


“I don’t know if you have a blog for customers, satisfied or not, related specifically to 05webdesign, but I don’t seem to have it (only have the travel blog) and I would like to add this comment, which if you choose to use you can cut-and-paste with love:

You Okes wot tink u know; trust me … I’ve worked with some of the good ones and Riaan and Deon, hey, they have really positioned me right up there. Okay .. so it’s been on the WorldWideWeb and not where I would necessarily have liked to have been situated, hanging by a thread and all that, but that’s life, wot? Serious, Bro. I’ve had such a great turnaround from my investment with them. Follow my lead and try them out.’

Lucille Byrnes


Hi Riaan,

1. We are happy with your service, you guys are willing and eager to help, with prompt service. It’s one of the reasons Druid’s chose O5 to do our site.

2. We are very happy with our site, it fits our Company’s image just right, and it seems to work just find too, since we received our first online sale just a few days after the site went live.
3. Again, communication has been good, and we’re very happy with the way you guys do business. For people like us who know very little about how websites are made, you were very helpful in explaining how things work and are done, which we like very much.
4. The only suggestion I have for you is to keep doing what you are doing, the “personal touch” is a good one. The informal, and friendly service is what we like, and I think a lot of people appreciate.
5. Yes, we will definitely recommend O5 Webdesign to those who are looking to get a website made.

All the best,


Druids Arts & Crafts


From the minute I contacted O5webdesign the friendliness and easy going manner in which they deal made me 100 confident and comfortable that we had made the right decision. They were always helpful and will to give advice drawn from their experience. The communication and feedback was exceptional and the personal service was fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing. The service was great! I would 150% recommend Riaan and his team to anyone knowing that I would never be let down doing so.


Heidi Kelly



Dear 05 Web,

After spending thousands of Rand on web site designers, (thought they were?), we came across 05 web. There is only one word for this (o5 web) GREAT, WONDERFUL, AND VERY HELPFUL!
On a short notice they have re-designed our website, just from a brochure and our old website. What a pleasant surprise when we got our new website, I thought it was somebody else’s.
We are so impressed!! All the time we were in touch with one of the staff members, and they really kept their promise, excellent work. Thank you!! In not even two weeks, we could see some changes regarding the search engines. And that’s how we like business. Well done, we have already given your details to most of our friends who are also interested in websites.

Keep up the good work!!!!!


Hi Riaan,



I am extremely satisfied and impressed with the service I have received from Riaan and Deon at 05Webdesign. I sincerely appreciate your patient guidance, professionalism and recommendations throughout the process. Thanks to you, I am now a proud member of the cuber -family with a professionally designed website! The 05Webdesign process was expediently and efficiently done within the said timeframes. I will recommend 05Webdesign wholeheartedly to all my friends & contacts.

Txs guys! Elmari Venter :
E Ba Kaone Presentations Designs



We asked the following questions:- 

  • 1)  Are you satisfied with the service you have received from o5webdesign to date?

  • 2)  Are you satisfied with your end product?

  • 3) Are you satisfied with the process followed from the date of acceptance of our proposal to the finalization date of the website? (Communication, feedback, personal service)

  • 4) Do you have any constructive criticism regarding our service that we can possibly implement to enhance our service levels even further?

  • 5) In light of your answers to the above questions, would you willingly commend o5webdesign to other people?

Our clients reacted as follows :-

1) Yes, 100% satisfied.
2) Yes, it looks great – and more important, it is working.
3) Yes, the communication was good and your service is excellent.

4) Not anything I can think of now.
5) I already have.

Karin Sephton

1) Absolutely
2) Yes, now it’s up to me to do my part.

3) Very much so.
4) You’ve walked this road with me, holding my hand so anything that hasn’t been understood has been from my side.
5) I have already.

Lucille Byrnes

1) 100 %
2) 110 %

3) 100 %
4) None
5) Has alrady done this to two persons

Riaan Lombaard

1) Yes
2) Yes

3) Yes
4) No

5) Yes

Klaus Hollander

1) 100 % percent happy. They team was great. Always helpful and did things when promised.
2) Yes, we are thrilled.

3) From the minute I contacted O5webdesign the friendliness and easy going manner in which they deal made me 100 confident and comfortable that we had made the right decision. They were always helpful and will to give advice drawn from their experience. The communication and feedback was exceptional and the personal service was fantastic.
4) No. Keep doing what you are doing. The service was great!
5) I would 150% recommend Riaan and his team to anyone knowing that I would never be let down doing so.

Heidi Kelly

1) More than satisfied, you guys have gone out your way to accommodate all my requests no matter how big or small. Big shout out to Deon!
2) Looks great, you managed to maintain the look and feel of Golf Safaris from the original site, which was very important to me, as I believe it conveys what we are all about. I guess the final product will only be able to be judged on its placement on the Search Engines but this will take time and effort but I believe its now been given a fighting chance!

3) Everything has been very professional and you guys have been extremely patient.
4) If there is one thing that you may improve on, it would be in the final stages and explaining the process from the launch, 2 week period and “where to from here”. Things like what must be done, who should I send my site to, what should they be looking for.
5) With out a doubt, gladly, already have.


1) Definitely!! o5webdesign is an outstanding company offering SUPER service

2) Jips!!
3) for sure!
4) nopes, everything is exceptional
5) o5webdesign is the ONLY company that I will recommend to other clients.. no doubt – Deon is great!

Linda Labuschagne

Baie dankie vir die 5 vrae en jou geduld! Hier is my antwoorde:

1) Ja; vinnig, flink en op die man af.
2) Ja, ‘n interessante verbetering op die vorige wat ek al reeds gedink het was goed!
3) Ja, ‘n mens verwag nie meer sulke kwaliteit werk in SA nie, dit was lekker om vinnige, volledige opvolg te kry op alle vrae wat baie keer “blond” moes klink. Julle geduld en takt word erg waardeer!
4) Sjoe! Nee, van ‘n klient se kant af, dit was uitstekend en ek is beslis nie in die posisie om eers voorstelle te maak nie. Kennis is maar beperk op hierdie gebied.

5) Ja, sal beslis ander verwys na julle.

(Baie dankie, ek wens julle kon mens help teen virusse en ander nonsies ook!)

Groete, Elize Clulow

Hi Riaan,  

1) Yes
2) Yes, would have liked to have had more options
3) Yes, I was always kept in the loop. Client service is extremely important to me and therefore o5webdesign passed with flying colours.
4) Expose your clients to different sites to get ideas, gather info or even to choose a picture. Its difficult to create a new website when one isn’t creative at all.
5) Always! Its makes sense to use a professional company that makes the end product work.

Glenda Marais

o5web comments………….

As per our proposal we always ask a client to furnish us with about 3 sites to act as example of what the client wants. This gives us an idea on which to base our first draft on. A client is also requested to complete the proposal acceptance fully with regards to design and layout.

Deon Coetzee

Hi Riaan,


Pat Barr-Sanders

o5web comments………….

Spelling checks are done at set stages during the design phase. Clients are responsible for writing their own copy unless they decide to make use of o5web’s professional copy writer – Marnus Roothman.

Deon Coetzee

Hi Riaan,


1) Yes, I am satisfied.
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) No
5) Yes

Joseph Robbertze


Hi Deon,


1) I am 100% satisfied that you  appreciate the customer and do your best to satisfy their needs.

2) I am because you have given us what we asked for.

3) Sometimes it has taken more than 1 call to sort something but that could be because you are getting instructions from more that 1 person.

4) Don’t change anything!

5) Yes, I have a few times.

Greg Bond – Acorntree


1.   Yes

2.    Yes

3.    Yes

4.    Not at the moment

5.    Most certainly

Kelvin Boon – Beethoven Lodge


1.    Yes, very

2.    Yes

3.    Yes

4.    Service is very good

5.    Yes, if I can find someone else with a pc in the Kalahari !


Riaan van der Merwe – Phirima Hunting Safaris

1.  100%
2.  100%
3.  100%

4.  100%
5.  Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent service


Marie Kapp – Maintenance Services 4 You

Hi Deon

Yes very pleased with the service and would recommend.


Tim van Coller – Bushwise Safari Lodge

Hallo Deon!


Thanks for your email! We are very happy and satisfied and do not have any criticism at this stage. Thank you for your excellent service !!!


Ralie – Odyssey Clarens

Answers to Questions 1,2,3, 5 are Yes and to 4 – No.

I feel I have received excellent service from you.

Prue Croessor – Plumtree Cottage

Yes to all mate. You’ve done a great Job. You guys are swell. Ill recommend you in my business management course I am running at the college at end June.


Colin Thompson

1. Absolutely, no question
2. Completely – we ranked on Google’s 1st page yesterday!
3. Yes – the fact that you’d already sussed our site and come back to us with a personalised proposal right in the beginning sold you.

4. No – happy with everything
5. We would most definitely recommend you guys

Caroline Lucas – from Mosetlha Bushcamp

Hi Deon

WOW, you guys are really doing something right and I will always recommend you.

My website got new life and because of my site, TrueLove Magazine ran a 3-page article called “The Maintenance Machine”. I am also up for a 2 page article in People magazine in the next month.

The Child Protection Unit of Pretoria came across my website and because of that I am now presenting workshops on Child Maintenance in co-operation with them.

A whole new world opened for me. You guys are the BEST !!!

Kind regards
Marie Kapp :

Hello Riaan

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call regarding new business in the Pretoria East area. Normally when we receive such a call, we ask the person calling where he/she heard/seen/read about us. This person then told us that he did a search on the web using Ananzi and came across our site. He told us that we have one of the most impressive websites that he has ever seen regarding roof trusses. He said that there is so much information on our site, that he used our site as reference to another job that was done by someone else. Coming from him we took that as a compliment as he is a developer and is always on the lookout for new suppliers. He came to see us and gave us plans to quote on. If our price is right we will receive all of his houses that he does during a year which is about 64 per year.

In the past the ratio was as follows

? 80% Yellow Pages
? 10% Advert Boards placed at various jobs
? 10% Hear Say

? 0% Website visits

Now it looks as follows
? 60% Yellow Pages
? 30% Website visits
? 5% Advert Boards placed at various jobs
? 5% Hear Say

I thank you very much for your help in designing our website and hope that we will have a long and prosperous business relationship.


Edward Peter Curry
Member – Giant Engineering cc :-