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A few months ago, we took on a rather huge project.

One of our clients, Massive Adventures and Tours, hosts several adventure cycling races through the year, and in July, they hosted a trio of races that overlap during the first few weeks in July. This year, we took up the task of running a constant email marketing campaign as well as the maintaining the blog and their Facebook page.

During this 12-day period, our marketing efforts paid off and the races and the marketing campaign was, at the end of it all, a huge success. We saw visitor spikes to the website well in their 1000s, with the blogs and social media posts gaining great reach, too. Now, with the races long over and with everything having now settled down, I looked back upon the success of the campaign we had run. This got me thinking about SEO, and how the size of your business doesn’t matter when it comes down to it.

We all know SEO and marketing needs a huge amount of work to ensure that your marketing efforts pay off in the long run. It’s also not something that can happen overnight. Regardless of whether you’re a small business tucked away in a very small town or your is as big as Samsung of Coca Cola, the work you need to do to acquire and maintain constant online visibility remains the same. And, this EXCLUDES the use of paid advertising online – like Adwords or Facebook Ads.

The most important factors are building authority with your audience and giving them content that both informs and adds value. On top of that, these along with your website and your marketing efforts all need to conform to today’s SEO best practices.

Again, this is NO easy feat and takes lots of work.

Is it impossible to accomplish? NEVER!

And, like I said, you may be a small business, but businesses of ALL sizes should have a solid SEO strategy in place. And, it’d be perfectly normal for you to think that you won’t need an extensive strategy, that you only need to rank in Google and you would be sorted in terms of seeing those dollars roll in.

The Case

To discuss the above, let’s start with a basic search, shall we?

Do a basic search on Google for a brand – any brand will do fine. The bigger and more well-known it is, the better for our experiment. As an example, I’m going to be using Samsung. I love their brand and their products (I’m not paid to say that, by the way), and they are pretty huge.

Now, when you do a search like this, 8 time out of 10 you will see a Google result like this:

Samsung brand search SERP page

The search result will have:

  • Brand details
  • News articles
  • Brand info
  • Official links to various websites
  • Social media posts.
  • Social media links
  • A Wikipedia page

And so much more. Big brands will cover so much search engine real estate, that you’ll be forgiven if you feel your head spin with all that data. But, despite all of this real estate, you’ll be surprised to know that this isn’t reserved for the elite, only.

These links can be obtained through normal SEO practices. That’s right; even the smallest of businesses can achieve this. With a proper SEO strategy, implementing correct SEO and web design best practices, you’ll be ranking in style.

The Why

Why is it important, though?

The main reason is because it keeps you visible in Google. Setting up keywords on your website isn’t enough anymore. You need to create trust with your website visitors, create content, earn links, and maintain a greater presence online across all platforms. And all of this needs to be done without the help of paid ads. Sure, they help, but they’re temporary and unless you have an unlimited budget, their reach lasts  only if your budget does.

Good, old fashioned SEO still reign supreme, although, it exists in a much different form today. A business needs to consider and include every little aspect of SEO into their own online marketing campaign for it to succeed. This is considered as the standard best practice in online marketing today. That is why big brands see success online as they follow these to the letter.

What Needs to be Done

So, what’s needed for this?

We know content needs to be created, links need to be earned and your website needs to be optimized with the right keywords.

But, what else?

To answer that, we need to ask what we want our visitors to do on our website. 9 out of 10 times this answer will be: to buy my products and/or services, or course.

To make that happen, we need to give visitors a streamlined way to get from point A to point B on your website. This means that they should go from your Home page to a booking and or quote page/form in the best and fastest way possible.

You will need to make sure that:

  • Visitors never land on a broken link.
  • Your website needs to load extremely fast.
  • Your website must be optimized to give visitors who use mobile devices first priority – Google favours this above all else these day.
  • Consider and plot out the quickest way to get visitors and potential customers from point A to point B.
Dell 404 page

A wonderful example of how Dell offers users on their website additional resources and links should they accidentally land on a broken or missing page.

A Real-World Example

Talk, as they say, is cheap. To illustrate this better, here’s a real-world example of one of our clients who ranks in a similar, when doing a branded search.

Pfumo Tax and Accounting Services is a family-owned tax, accounting and bookkeeping business based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Having taken care of their SEO for them, our efforts have seen them maintain a steady presence on Google when conducting a branded search for them. This isn’t solely limited to a branded search, though; the SEO we’ve done for them also saw good rankings amid somewhat serious competition.

Pfumo Tax and Accounting Services brand search SERP page

This further illustrates that by using your basic SEO best practices, and by employing all the available options that Google and SEO afford you, you can also find success for your business in the online marketing arena.

In Closing

SEO isn’t just about one specific thing and it takes all of its facets to make it work for you and your business. But, time, care and the necessary vigour needs to be applied for it to work effectively.

So, if you’d like to really see success when it comes to SEO, like Pfumo does – and many other brands do, too, regardless of their size –  then speak to us. Let us assess how we can help your website and your business grow with a carefully planned and tailored SEO and online marketing strategy.

You’ll be glad you did.

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